Sarif industries : envisioning a new future

Sarif industries specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced mechanical augmentations for human implantation. The company distinguishes itself from its competitors by working with clients to create progressive, forward-thinking, custom augmentations that answer specific challenges and needs. The company strongly believe that the researches, developement an implementations of augmentations is a measure of human advancement toward a better future and a stronger, faster, smarter, better you.

Sarif maintains an in-house staff of doctors and nurses in addition to HET (Human Enhancement Technologies) scientists and researchers who are trained to work with clients to determine individual needs.

Sarif don’t work only to revolutionize the very nature of the human body, but to create better and more capable people that had to make the world a better place.

Sarif believe in a free humanity, where people and companies work without regulations, where progress of civilization is determinated by unbreadled human endeavor.

Visit Sarif official website : http://www.sarifindustries.com


I think I just found my second dream job in research.

Sarif Industries? As in the Sarif Industries from Deus Ex? Or is this a real thing now :o

Unfortunately, once you get that cool cybernetic arm you’re stuck taking expensive drugs for the rest of your life so the body won’t reject it.  ;_;